• Drilling Service

    Our company vigorously takes efforts in development of oil equipment technical service business, establishes repair, maintenance, service, leasing and fittings supply ability for top-drive drilling equipment unit and electrical systems of various electric drilling machine, and has especially established a professional technique training & advisory service system for the top drive unit.

    The company has now many top-drive unit repair & maintenance service engineers who have obtained professional training by home and abroad specialized training institutes, and possesses the ability for overhaul, medium maintenance, field technical service and leasing of top-drive drilling devices for many foreign companies such as Varco company of the United States, Canrig and Tesco companies of Canada, MH company of Norway and many domestic companies.

    The company also provides technical services and auxiliary fittings of oil drilling machine AC frequency-conversion and DC speed-regulation control systems for customers at the same time, can supply various electric fittings of drilling machine electrical drive and control system, full-digital AC(DC) drive system, MCC and industrial TV monitoring system for customers in time.

    On-site Service in Operation and Maintenance:

    • Suggestions in Model Selection
    • Assistance in Equipment Acceptance
    • Debugging and Daily Operation Maintenance of Top Drive
    • Guide in Installation, Dismounting, Moving and Transportation of Top Drive
    • Top Drive Operation Training
    • Top Drive Troubleshooting
    • Suggestions in Spare Parts Storage
    • Preparation of Top Drive Operation Statement



    Supervise Service in Operation and Maintenance :

    • Suggestions in Model Selection
    • Assistance in Equipment Acceptance
    • Top Drive Troubleshooting Daily Operation Maintenance
    • Top Drive Troubleshooting Installation and Debugging
    • Training in Top Drive Operation
    • Top Drive Troubleshooting On-site
    • Suggestions in Spare Parts Storage
    • Equipment Regular Checkup